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MSc in Archaeological Science


Step 1: Start your application

In order to submit your application successfully, you will need to have the following documents at hand. For your own convenience, collect them in advance and then proceed to fill in your online application form:

  1. A pdf copy of your National ID and/or Passport
  2. A pdf copy of your Curriculum Vitae
  3. A pdf copy of your BA/BSc degree, which (if applicable) should be followed by a Greek or English translation.
  4. A pdf copy of your undergraduate transcript of records, which (if applicable) should be followed by a Greek or English translation.
  5. A pdf copy of two academic references providing assessments of the applicant’s academic achievement and ability for graduate study and research.
  6. A pdf copy of your personal statement (max. 1000 words) outlining your academic achievements and your reasons for wishing to enroll in the program.
  7. A pdf copy of your proficiency in Greek or English.
  8. A pdf copy of your publications, if any
  9. A pdf copy of documents certifying your working experience and/or research activity
  10. A pdf copy of any documents certifying claims made in the Curriculum Vitae.

If you are a last year undergraduate student, you might not have your degree in hand yet. You will still receive an offer as described in Step 3, on the condition that you will produce your certified degree before you enroll. You still need in Step 1 to have your most recent academic transcript translated and certified, i.e. Document 4.

After filling the online application form and submit the above documents, you will obtain an application ID number. It is important to keep this number for future reference.

The Admission Office will then check your credential, assess your overall grade, inform you about your eligibility for admission to the program, and perhaps suggest additional steps you could take to meet the admission requirements.

On the basis of the criteria of assessment, the Admission Committee will announce the final results of each Application Period.

Step 2: Finalize your application

After receiving information by the Admission Office that you are eligible for admission to the program you should finalize your application by certifying your original documents (degree and transcript of records) and their official translation and send them to the Admission Office.

Step 3: Receive an offer

After completing Step 2 you will receive an uncoditional offer (if you already have a degree) or a conditional offer (if you do not have your degree in hand, yet). You are now ready to apply for a student visa in your country (if applicable).

Step 4: Pay the tuition fees

Please follow the instructions to pay the first installment of 2500 euros to the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

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