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MSc in Archaeological Science


Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology

Yiannis Papadatos holds a BA degree in History and Archaeology (1994, Athens), and a PhD in prehistoric archaeology (1999, Sheffield, UK). He has worked as post-doctoral fellowship at Sheffield (2001-02) and as contract archaeologist in the Greek Archaeological Service (2002-07).

Before joining the Department of History and Archaeology of NKUA (2008), he taught art and archaeology at the Hellenic Open University.

He is currently conducting five archaeological field projects:

  • The excavation of the Minoan mountain mansion at Gaidourophas Anatoli, Ierapetra, Crete
  • The excavation of the Minoan peak sanctuaries at Stavromenos and Pantotinou Koryphi Anatoli, Ierapetra, Crete
  • The surface survey of the plain of Ierapetra, Crete
  • The surface survey of the SE Dikte mountain, Crete
  • The excavation of the prehistoric settlement and the ancient demos of Marathon, Attica

He has written monographs and articles on:

  • Bronze Age Aegean
  • Minoan Crete
  • Mountain archaeology
  • Funerary archaeology
  • Technology and scientific analysis of ancient ceramics and metals

He is also member of the editorial committee of the AURA international journal (Athens University Review of Archaeology) and the AURA Supplement Series.

Selected publications

  • Embodied Identities in the Prehistoric Eastern Mediterranean: Convergence of Theory and Practice. Oxford: Oxbow Books 2016. (ed. with M. Mina and S. Triantaphyllou)
  • Livari Skiadi, A Minoan Cemetery in Southeast Crete. Vol I, Excavation and Finds. INSTAP Academic Press, Prehistory Monographs 50. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press 2015. (with C. Sofianou)
  • Tholos Tomb Gamma: a Prepalatial Tholos Tomb at Phourni, Archanes. INSTAP Academic Press, Prehistory Monographs 17. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press 2005.

Most of his publications may be found on