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MSc in Archaeological Science


Archaeomaterials (12 ECTS)

2nd Semester

Subject of this module is the study and analysis of ancient artefacts. It consists of two broad units. The first refers to the study and analysis of ancient artefacts made of metal and vitreous materials, the second is about artefacts made of clay and stone. In both units, students learn about the physical properties of the raw materials and their availability in the Mediterranean landscape. The module discusses also the technology of manufacture and the archaeological evidence related to the chaîne opératoire (operational chain) of their production.

The module includes also detailed presentations of the main scientific methods and techniques use of the analysis of the archaeomaterials and the by-products of their processing, and practicals with the use of the relevant analytical instruments in the laboratory.

Special emphasis is given on the archaeological questions related to the study of artefacts made of these materials, and the way analytical techniques contribute to our understanding of their life circle, from production and distribution, to consumption and disposal.

Both units include comparable hours of lecturiing in the class and practical excercise in the laboratory.