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MSc in Archaeological Science


At the beginning of their studies students are assigned an Academic Advisor, who gives guidance and support throughout their studies. The role of the academic advisor is taken over by members of stuff of the two collaborating departments. Academic advisors supervise the students they oversee, from the beginning till the end of their studies. Through their work, the academic advisors contribute significantly to the success of the students' studies.

Students are informed of the name of their academic advisor upon enrollment in the Secretariat and they should contact their advisor as soon as possible. The first meeting of the academic advisor and a student must take place during the first month of study. In case of the advisor’s absence on educational or other leave, the respective file and his/her advisory duties are temporarily assigned to a substitute or any other faculty member.

If the academic advisors do not fulfill their duties, the students can request their replacement providing a reasoned request to the Committee. The academic advisors advise the student accordingly, without their suggestions being mandatory. The work of the academic advisor is to guide and support the foreign students in their program of studies but also in any personal problems related to their studies, as well as to demonstrate the best way to achieve their individual goals at each level of their studies.

Also, the academic advisor can call the student in case this is requested by a member of the Program, who notices that a student experiences academic setbacks reflected in a number of ways such as continuous absences, systematic poor performance, unjustified dropout courses, etc.