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MSc in Archaeological Science


Geoarchaeology (6 ECTS)

2nd Semester

Subject of this module is the study and analysis of geology, soils and stratigraphy for approaching aspects such as human presence, habitation and activity in an archaeological site or a broader area. The module presents the main theories, ideas and research questions which are relevant to the discipline of geoarchaeology. The module focuses on the way geoarchaeological methods are applied for the study of archaeological evidence and the answers they provide, at a theoretical and practical level.

The methods presented cover many different scales, from the small scale of an excavation trench or an archaeological site, to the larger scale of an entire level. At a practical level, special emphasis is given on micromorphology, and the methods applied in the field and the laboratory. The module includes lectures in the class and practical hands-on experience in the laboratory and the field.