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MSc in Archaeological Science


The Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities is a service that aims to adapt to the specific needs of each disabled student. It ensures their access to all university buildings, transportation from their home to classes, free access to specialized software, suitable textbooks, a student volunteer service and psychological support, whenever needed. For more information you may visit the following website: or contact access[at]uoa[dot]gr.

The mission of the Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities is to actively provide coequal access to academic studies for students with different abilities and needs, through environmental modifications, Assistive Technologies and access services. The basic requirements of the students with special needs include: access to interpersonal communication with the members of the academic community, access to the built environment of the university, access to the printed or electronic educational material, access to the board and the presentations in the classrooms, access to the exams/tests, and access to the information and online content.

The accessibility unit for students with special needs provides:

  1. Recording Service for the needs of the disabled.
  2. Department of Electronic Accessibility.
  3. Department of Accessibility in Structured Space.
  4. Delivery Service.

The main service of the Unit is the daily transfer of students from their homes to the study areas and vice versa. It has a specially designed vehicle that can transport five students at the same time, two of whom are provided with a wheelchair. The service operates continuously on working days from 07:00 to 22:00 with two shifts of drivers.

Contact information:

Telephone: +30 210 727 5183 e-mail: Website:


The Electronic Classroom ( is an integrated electronic course management system that supports the asynchronous distance learning service at the University of Athens. The service is accessed using a simple web browser and does not require specialized technical knowledge. The integration of supportive e-learning methods in the learning process at the University of Athens supports and enhances teaching and access to knowledge, providing combinations of new methods to complement traditional teaching. In this way, learners choose their own time frame for communication and access to educational content. Furthermore, it supports the digital organization and distribution of the courses’ educational material, as well as a multitude of means of communication between the teacher and the students, ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted conduct of the course.

Courses on Modern Greek Language

Students enrolled in the program may also take courses on Modern Greek language, at the Modern Greek Language Teaching Center.

The Modern Greek Language Teaching Center of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has been functioning since the 1950s and nowadays it is the largest of its kind in the world. It constitutes an independent academic unit of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with the aim of teaching, promoting, strengthening, and disseminating the new Greek language as a second / foreign language, certifying its level of knowledge and Greek culture, the development of all kinds of actions and collaborations in the context of achieving its goals and the internship of the students of the study programs of NKUA, related to the subject module of Center’s actions.

Students who will attend Greek language courses will have the opportunity to take language competency tests, if they wish to. The Program provides complementary one-year courses for A1-A2 level to first-year students.

E-Mail: info[at]greekcourses.uoa[dot]gr. Website:


A list of flats to let, furnished or unfurnished, will be available to all accepted students upon request. Prices currently vary between 250-500 Euros per month, not including utility and maintenance bills.


All enrolled students are entitled to up to two meals per day at the Student Restaurant located at the Philosophy School Building of the University Campus, at a discounted price (currently 3 Euros per day for two meals). More info in the following link:

Public transport

Academic ID card holders are entitled to discount fare products provided by the public transport organization OASA SA. To use their entitlement, students must issue a personalized ATH.ENA CARD by applying online through OASA platform on