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MSc in Archaeological Science


Archaeological Prospection (9 ECTS)

1st Semester

This module provides theoretical knowledge and practical experience on the methods and techniques of applied geophysics and remote sensing, aiming at the accurate mapping of the environment and the structures both on ground surface and underground. It deals with the physical properties of geomaterials, the equipment used, the processing of the data, and the potential and limitations of these methods.

It presents the most advanced techniques for processing and display the data that derive from archaeological projects and the way they used to answer archaeological questions. Also, it discusses the importance of these methods as non-destructive techniques for the investigation of archaeological sites, and their role in the pre-excavation phases of an archaeological project.

Additionally, the module deals with the technical aspects (e.g. resolution and digital processing) of prospection methods such as 3D laser scanning (LiDAR), which are also used in arhcaeological research.

The module includes lectures in the class and practicals in the laboratory and the field.