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MSc in Archaeological Science



The program runs for three (3) semesters (18 months), starting in September each year.

The taught part of the program covers the first two semesters (30 ECTS each): the Fall semester (mid-September to January) and the Spring semester (February to June).

The third semester (in the fall-winter of second year) is devoted to the completion of the MSc thesis on a research project chosen by the student in consultation with the supervisor (30 ECTS). Supervisors are members of stuff of the two collaborating Departments, and under exceptional circumstances from other departments, universities or research institutes. 


The program consists of three major components:

  1. Environmental Archaeology and Geoarchaeology
  2. Archaeomaterials
  3. Archaeological prospection

Each component is covered by several modules. Each module comprise a combination of lectures and laboratory sessions, supplemented by a range of graduate seminars.

Assessment is carried out during the semester through short essays or practical excercises, and at the end of each semester, through extended pre-set essays. Before their submission, essays are presented in the classroom or the laboratory. The oral presentation of the essays provides students with valuable experience and feedback from peers and teachers.