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MSc in Archaeological Science


The Laboratory of Geophysics (LG) was established in 1999; its mission is:

  • To provide high level practical training (laboratory and field exercises) and modern analytical skills, as part of the geophysics courses offered by the Department, at the under‐ and post‐graduate levels.
  • To support research with state‐of‐the‐art instrumentation and analytical facilities.
  • To offer advanced geophysical services to public and private sector patrons, requiring the application of state‐of‐the‐art or cutting edge technologies.

During the recent few years, significant effort has been directed towards the development of modern/high resolution exploration technologies and geophysical data analysis software. The hitherto, teaching and research activities of Laboratory can be summarized as follows:

  1. Methodological developments in near‐surface and deep geophysical exploration methods.
  2. Environmental and Engineering geophysics
  3. Geothermal and other energy resource exploration
  4. Mineral resource prospecting.
  5. Physics of the Earth’s interior – determination and analysis of Earth structure at all depth scales.
  6. Physics of the earthquake source and earthquake prediction
  7. Geomagnetism, Geoelectromagnetism and Palaeomagnetism
  8. Space borne applications in the Earth Sciences and Geodynamics (DGPS, SAR/DINSAR, thermal imaging etc.).
  9. Geophysical software development.
  10. Earth System Science.

The LG has developed multiple cooperative ties with corresponding national and international research establishments and academic institutions. It is also actively involved in outreach and dissemination of scientific information by organizing seminars, symposia and lectures for scientists and the general public. Moreover, it offers a broad range of geophysical services to public and private sector establishments, with particular reference to engineering and environmental applications, mineral and groundwater resource prospecting and geothermal prospecting.