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MSc in Archaeological Science


In June every year, students, in collaboration with the proposed supervisor, submit an application containing the title and the abstract of their preferred subject, as well as the language they wish to write their MSc thesis (English or Greek). The Steering Committee approves the subject and nominates a three-member Examination Committee, consisting of the supervisor and two additional members. At least one member of the Examination Committee should be academic stuff in one of the collaborating departments.

The MSc thesis should be submitted at the end of the 3rd Semester, no later than 31st of January. After submission, the thesis is presented in front of the Examination Committee, the member of which submit their final assessment. The MSc thesis is considered successful if it receives at least two positive votes by the members of the Examination Committee.

The final grade of the thesis is calculated as the average of the grades proposed by the three members of the Examination Committee, and is expressed in numbers from one (1) to ten (10), to one decimal point.

A grade greater or equal to five (5) is required for successful completion of the thesis. If the MSc thesis fails to pass it is possible to be resubmitted one more time, at the end of the following semester. If it fails again, the student is expelled from the program. After passing the aforementioned examination, the MSc thesis should be uploaded to the website of Pergamos, according to the regulations of the NKUA.