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MSc in Archaeological Science


The program creates career opportunities for its graduates in the fields of archaeology, heritage management, and conservation of antiquities and works of art.

It also provide the necessary theoretical knowledge, practical experience and training for continuing into doctoral research in archaeological science and relevant fields.

By completing the program the students will:

  1. become familiar with the main archaeological questions and problems that can be elucidated through the application of scientific metods of analysis.
  2. be able to apply all the major scientific methods for the analysis of material culture and environmental materials of the past,
  3. learn to design and manage archaeological projects which include methods of scientific analysis,
  4. acquire basic skills in statistical analysis,
  5. become familiar with the use of advanced instruments,
  6. learn how to prepare and publish the results of their scientific analysis in peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes or monographs,
  7. learn how to present the results of their scientific analysis in lectures, conferences, worskshops, seminars, etc.